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Optional ProjectWise File Path Limit of 255 Characters?

A project I'm working on has been using PW Explorer exclusively for the past year, but recently looked into using PW Drive. Since PW Explorer doesn't have a file path character limit and we were used to being limited by Windows Explorer, we enjoyed that new freedom by creating some very long file paths. When trying to switch to PW Drive, the many files with paths that exceed 255 characters did not sync. Despite PW Drive being much faster, efficient, and more user friendly than PW Explorer, this issue is preventing us from taking advantage of PW Drive. For new projects utilizing PW Explorer, PW Web, and PW Drive, it would be nice to have an option to limit file path lengths within PW to 255 characters to ensure compatibility with PW Drive/Windows Explorer.

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  • Jun 22 2021
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    5 Dec, 2023 07:20pm

    One possible solution

    Allow the PW Drive to synch a branch rather than the whole project.

    The only limitation that may exist is to make sure the CAD and all its reference are contain under that branch