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Get link option

We have a project, where the client was invite as external. This create a project (portal) for the client to manage his PWDM transmission.

The client project, then become a satellite of the main project.

We share the folder structure ( see attach), this way the client can access the documents from his location.

When the Client Get Link from his portal the hyperlink as a P delimiter to indicate from which portal the get link was create

If this is send to some from the main project, he will not be able to open the link.

The request is: For any satellite project, if we get Link and send that link to a participant that has access to only the main project. That participant should be able to resolve the link through the main project.

Also still relate to get link

When we receive a link that was generate using the option Web View.
from the contextual menu we can select Go to project. This should bring us to the file location rather then the root of the project

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  • Apr 16 2024
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